CNC/ UNBC Sept 2018 applicants

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Hi All,

I'm wanting to touch base and see if anyone else applied to college of new caledonia and UNBC's nusing program in Prince George B.C. ?

if so have you heard back yet? how are you feeling? what did you apply with?

Best of luck!

I applied with 3A's and 1 B

and 220 Volunteer hours in emergency rooms and Cancer agencies plus extra volunteer work that is not medical related and an employment history of working with people and confidential information.....

Not super sure what to put here as the application was WAY different then other ones I had sent in!

Did you find out yet?!

I found out I got accepted May 9th!

Anyone who did get accepted .... if your first year schedule empty empty ?! And what electives did you choose. They aren't really clear on options

What grades did you have to get accepted? I've applied for fall 2019

I had 3 A's and 1 B+ but I've also been a care aide for 3 years and I took first year bio and fit year psych as well! So sometimes it's not abou grades and more about how much education! All depends tho! I know people in my class that got accepted right out of high school

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