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where do CNA's work


thinking about getting my feet wet before doing lpn. Question is if you are a cna in a hospital do you have choice in what department? or are you just fill in as needed? and also what are the going salaries? thanks to all for helping in making my decesion

"Being Honest With Yourself .. And True To Who You Are Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself And.. The Patients".. I tried .. I went to school passed with flying colors.. to be a CNA. Prior to that.. when I had clinicals.. in the Nursing Home.. I despised it! It was not me at all.. Hated it.. I had no help.. my back and legs hurt and I dreaded it all! I decided.. after that traumatic.. experience.. I am not suited to do this. It was the best decision I ever made.. for both me and the patients. I frown on people on here saying they are only doing it to pay bills. My best friend is a RN and she said to me "You Can't Do My Job Just For The Money".. it will be apparent.I now.. understand what she means and agree. There is so.. much more to this.. then just conversation. Its not just about being pleasant.. or just helping hand the patient a tissue. You have to not mind body fluids.. in all aspects.. and deal with them everyday. The body can be gross.. to be honest.. "My Nursing Instructors Words" You have to be okay with that.. Unless you plan to get a BSN.. and do the administrative end of this career. If you want to dress nice.. look nice.. smell nice.. and have a nice environment that is happy and peppy.. This career is not for you! Also.. there are other evening jobs that you can get comparable.. Pay to CNA.. and still make ends meet. I use to have the mentality.. this was the only job out there that pays my bills.. but.. that is not fair to the patient if your heart is not into it. So.. I decided to pursue what is me.. and not what is someone else... Or.. for the money.