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CNA? What is it like?

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Hi everyone! I am not a CNA yet but I will be taking CNA classes in a week! I am curious as to what to expect? Has any of you cnas worked in a hospital instead of assisted living? What was your day like?

Also, I deal with bad anxiety! Any other nurses deal with this? How do you cope with it when being in a high paced environment? I can get nervous. I just want some advice and to put me at ease as I dont know what to expect.

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I am currently a CNA in a psych hospital. My day could go either way. Really chill or really hectic. It depends on the number of patients admitted and/or acuity. When I started out, I was always burned out. I was always on edge and I couldn't wait to get home. As I've gained experience, I am hardly ever stressed out; i know how to deal with the patients and I'm overall more confident than when I started. I've been a CNA for almost three years and what a difference three years make!!

Some anxiety is ok so don't fear. You'll survive.

Be respectful and kind. Build rapport with other members of staff. Burnout is real; your colleagues are there to help. You should have an excellent work ethic and great customer service. Go the extra mile. You may not always be appreciated, but doing good work gives you an added confidence that you'll like.

Take days off. I wouldn't recommend working three days straight especially when you're on a 12 hour shift. Hopefully, you work per diem and set your own schedule.

Psych may not be for you, it'll work your nerves and worsen your anxiety. I think these rules apply anywhere else though.

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