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Hello I am currently planning on applying for the nursing program next semester and want to fit a CNA job into that picture. What and how many hours/time can I expect to work if I only work Weekends? I currently live in Florida and will be seeking the job here.

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You may also want to browse through our Florida Nursing forum since that is where you live and wish to work. Click on the link below.


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Most people in nursing school prefer per diem schedules. Per diem means you have to pick up 5 shifts a month with two of them being weekend shifts, though it can vary from hospital to hospital. I work at a hospital and I have no problem picking up shifts that work with my schedule. What I like about this is that if I know my school schedule far enough in advance I can be organized and work around my exams/clinicals

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I work as a tech part time while also going to school. I start the nursing program in the spring and plan to stay part time. I only work weekend nights and my schedule is 6pm-6am Friday, Saturday and some Sundays.

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You can do this definitely. In fact I've been only working weekends while I'm getting my bachelors, in florida too :p You will probably have more chances for landing a job at a nursing home or AL because hospitals only really want to hire full time people.

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I just picked up a weekend only CNA job with chances to pick up shifts whenever I am available. They are out there! The shifts are 8 hours each.