CNA verses Certified Care Giver in Arizona


I would applreciate information from the well informed on here please. I live in Arizona and am starting CNA Classes on the 28th of this month.

I see a lot of advertisements here for State Certified Care Givers in LTC facilities and in home care agencies. Also CNA as well.

Can anyone explain the difference in what one would be doing over the other? I am no expert but would not think a certified care giver could do near what a state certified CNA would be doing. Am I right in this or can you explain if you work in a facility what one does verses the other.

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From what I understand is that certified caregivers are non-medical and CNAs are trained to work in medical as well. Caregivers will prepare meals, run errands, take clients to doctor's appointments, make beds, provide companionship, etc. CNA's work mostly in long term care facilities and in addition to doing caregiver tasks they change briefs, stoma care, measuring and recording intake and output, change occupied beds, provide dental care, take vital signs, do transfers (moving patients either manually or mechanically from bed to wheel chair), bed baths and showers, etc.

Certified caregivers are generally paid less tha CNAs as well. There are more jobs for caregivers, but if you are considering a long term career or nursing school, CNA is a better option.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for replying, I wondered since out here in Mesa, Arizona there are a lot of LTC facilities that advertise for certified caregivers not CNA'S and wondered if they expected the same of them. I did not think they could do as much as a CNA that is why I wonderd why they needed caregivers if they have a staff of CNA'S.

Thank you

Ronald Danneman

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