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hey everyone, i posted in the cna section, but haven't gotten any responses, so i am hoping someone here can help. i have heard that various nursing homes or long term care facilities will help pay for school if you agree to work there after you receive your certification. does anyone know any facilities that do this? i can't seem to find any, but i live near chicago, so i think there has to be one somewhere, i'm just missing it. or does any have other ideas of to go about looking for for a place that does this? i don't have money for school, so i am hoping for an opportunity that will allow me to get into school at little or no cost.


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Try the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Program. It will pay for vocational programs (welding, nursing, PCT, CNA, etc.). Normally you are awarded 5K from the grant however in shortage areas (nursing) you are awarded 8K. If your certification program is $500 for CNA, you will have $7500 left to utilize for a nursing program if you decide to go that route.

It's not a long process. I can explain it in detail for you if you'd like. PM me and let me know. Best wishes.

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