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CNA Training - while pregnant

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In a couple days I will be starting a month long CNA training course through a facility where I will have a job right after, but I just found out that I am around 7 weeks pregnant. I've been told by a nurse who used to work there not to mention the pregnancy until after I get my certification as there have been girls who have gotten fired, but I'm wondering if I should tell them while I'm still in training so maybe when the time comes that when I do start the official CNA position, they can accommodate me accordingly. My clinicals for the class don't start until towards the end of the month, so I don't think I'll really have to do any heavy lifting or anything strenuous (besides CPR training maybe (?)) until then and when that time comes I'll be somewhere around 3 months pregnant. I don't want to come into a new job and a good opportunity like this and already cause complications with my new employer.

Don't tell anyone until you're past 12 weeks.

I hope that you carry your baby to term... but 20%of pregnancies are lost before 12 weeks, and it would double suck to lose out on the job too.

As for the lifting - I recently had a miscarriage and am leary, and I don't recommend lifting anything at all when pregnant, BUT if you're using proper body mechanics, you should be fine. Once one the job, get assistance with the lifting, and/ or use the mechanical lifts (whatever the care plan calls for)

When I worked in a facility, I had a cowirker who worked as an aide until the night she delivered! I did not know anything about her pregnancy but I don't assume she had any restrictions or I don't think she would have been working that long.


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