I was reading one of the posts and someone (forget who) mentioned a CNA 2 was needed to work at the VA hospital. I was hoping someone knew what that meant.


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At the place I'm applying to, with no previous CNA experience you start at CNA I. I think generally if you are doing a good job learning the job, you become a CNA II in 6 months. I'm not sure if there is specific criteria you could meet to move up faster. The pay is considerably higher for a CNA II, in my case, its about $2/hr more than CNA I.

cna II in different states may have different meanings. In the state of north carolina, CNA 2's are able to perform additional duties such as oxygen therapy, suctioning etc. This is not within the CNA I scope of practice in NC. There is additional training required and unlike CNA I, the CNA 2 are goverened by the NC board of nursing instead of the NC nurse aide registry.


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I used to have a federal contract thru an agency for a VA

medical center. If I am not mistaken, CNA II means that they want

someone with at least 6mos experience. Be aware, though, in

the VA sysytem you will be doing alot of things that a CNA would

never be allowed to do in the private sector.

You will learn a ton in the federal system. In the VA, CNAs

learn to insert/remove foley catheters, run tube feeding machines,

change surgical dressings, run CBI's, ect. Some who are there

for some time also get to learn phlebotomy. Do not worry, the

VA inservices you on all this.

Good Luck

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