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CNA State Exam

I just took the CNA state exam on 7/05/2014 and I failed it! I was totally devastated. I wanted to cry, but my sister was there with me. She had passed her exam. It was my fault. I had forgotten to close the curtains on the ROM one shoulder skill and I forgot to tell the "resident" to verbalize if there was any pain. I was just really nervous and forgotten the step then and remembered to close the curtain when I did foot care. The other skills I had were: Position to the side, ROM on one shoulder, foot care, weight, and hand washing. They were all easy skills! :( The bad thing about it is I lost my job at a nursing home called Avante. They were holding it for me until I confirmed I had my CNA license. I called today and they just told me to call when I do pass it and they'll see if they will have any positions available when I call back. I am rescheduled to take the exam again on the 26th of this month. I hope I do it pass it this time around. If not, that just tells me nursing is not for me.

You will do fine, next time.

The fact that you know what went wrong means that you already know what it takes to pass.

Just take your time, review your skill before you tell the evaluator you have completed it. You will be great.


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