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Hi I just recently finished a cna course at health care solutions in detroit,mi and I'm looking for some advice on where should I take my state exam I'm real skeptical about just going anywhere so I'm looking for some suggestions thanks !!

I took my certification test at HFCC I passed eventhough the school i took my training at was not the best to say the least.

I hear that lansing is a good place. Where did you take your cna class at that wasn't so great. I dont want to go there. Thanks!

GRATER HORIZON do not go there total waste of time. They just want the money

Go through Prometric, they are good and they have a lot of testing sites in Michigan. I had to take it twice since I forgot to do some basic things the first time around, but they are forgiving... even if you forget a step, but you remember at the end of your task, then before you tell them you have completed the task, you can say "I know that I should have done blah blah during such and such task". Just stay calm during the clinicals and go as slow as you want, ask questions if you want and they will answer whatever they are allowed to answer. Good Luck!

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Washtenaw Community College, 4800 E. Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800, they offer the state test, even on Sat & Sun. Good Luck:up:

Wayne County Community College is a new location; I know someone who went there and passed. I took the test last month at HFCC and also passed.

Good Luck!

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