CNA Skills Test - Those "Extra" Steps?


Hello all!

I am worried that I may be taking too many unnecessary steps for my upcoming skills test later this month. I not only tend to study through the skills handbook alone, I also prefer to study through a website that is more thorough on the skills than the handbook itself.

My question is - should I rely on other resources aside from the Candidate Handbook such as online teaching videos and my book from school so that I have good knowledge of what I am doing -OR- since the Candidate Handbook is obviously of such importance or they would not have provided us with one, should I give 110% into it and NOT take those "extra" steps that I may not even be graded on and will slow me down?

Both have their ins and outs. What's your advice?

Thank you, I will certainly appreciate all of your replies!


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The extra steps are great in "real life". But what you're concerned about is passing the skills test. Rather than cluttering up your brain with extra steps, memorize the steps on the skills list that was provided to you. Concentrate on the steps that are absolutely required. Sometimes these vital steps are in bold print.

You will be anxious enough at test time to try to accomplish more than is required especially considering that you will have a timer going while you are performing the skills.

Concentrate on the handout that you were given and practice, practice, practice! Good luck.

I just passed my state test. My best tip: RELAX!

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I took my skills test in waterbury ct and it was a piece of cake. The woman testing us asked us questions like, did you rememeber all your supplies? Is there anything you forgot? She really wanted to see our class pass. I had a hard time getting an accurate blood pressure cause i was so nervous but she let me do it again and I passed it. It was no wheres near as scary or tense as I thoight it would be but I was nervouse cause I really wanted to pass so bad. The worst part of the testing was nerves. If it wasnt for that it would have been a breeze.


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The test is pretty much common sense. I'd do what I had to do and not worry about the rest. You'll do fine :).


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Handbook is what you will be tested read read. Steps in bold are very important. A tip from my Instructor was "Don't be afraid to say the steps out loud during the exam" Good Luck to EVERYONE!


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I just took my NJ CNA skills test this morning, I was so nervous. I think I did ok, but I am not sure if I forgot anything. We had to do 5 skills. Now the wait begins:((((


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I would do exactly what you learned in lab at school. During my test I spoke each step outloud identical to what the instructor taught us. This way you will not accidentally forget a 'necessary' step by trying to leave out the extra steps. (Did that make sense?)

I practiced at home the night before with my kids and did every skill in the booklet stating the steps outloud, lol. Some other students got together and threw a 'skills' party the day before and quized each other which I think was an awesome idea but couldn't go because of my munchkins.

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