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CNA Skills exam? Where does object like soap, toilet paper, wipes go?


Hello I have my exam tomorrow so this would be helpful if someone could reply..

Where does soap and lotion go? Toilet paper and hand wipes? Toothpaste? It doesn't really seem right to put it in dirty supply area but if thats what yall say I will do it as I want to pass lol

Every place will have their set ups differently. Some places have ALL THE SUPPLIES that any of the skills need and you have to go and pick and choose the things that you need. Some only will have out the supplies that you need for the skills that they have picked for you.(This is the way mine was)They had a table, or a drawer with things on it or in it. If it was something that did not go in dirty area I just put it back were it was before. either putting it back on the table or drawer I had gotten it from. They had a area or dirty supplies but if that is not what it is I wouldn't put it in the dirty area Hope that helps

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

In my exam the proctor told us were supplies such as soap and lotion were to be returned. (Usually back to their cabinet).