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CNA in Philly

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Hey guys,

I recently finished my CNA course in PA, and will be relocating to the Philly area, from the Wilkes-barre area. I was wondering if anyone works in that area, or knows someone who does. I ask because i was wondering where a good place to get a job is, and also what the hourly wage is in the area. THANKS!



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There are many jobs in the Philadelphia area as a CNA. There are many Home Health Agencies, Hospitals and Nursing Homes. You can go to phillyjobs.com or get a local phone book, and call the local Nursing Home and Home Health Agencies. One of the more popular Home Health Agency is Bayada. There are quite a few Nursing Homes just outside of the city in the suburbs. Delaware County, Bucks County and Montgomery County. Most often, the farther from the city you go, the better the pay is.

The pay varies from place to place, and it depends on your experience. Some jobs pay as low as minumum wage in PA which I think is $7.15 and hour, some places such as "agencies" pay as much as $15 an hour. By agencies I mean places that send you to other nursing homes. There are plenty of job oppurtunities for a CNA in and outside the Philadelphia area. :yeah:

What part of Philadelphia do you plan on moving and what type of work do you prefer?

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Thank you so much for this information. I am moving about 15 minutes from Camden, because my plan (hopefully) is to go to Our Lady of Lourdes in 2010, and work as a CNA while I am waiting to get into school. I will have my license for PA, and thats why I am looking to work in Philly and not the NJ side.

To be honest, I am not sure which area I would want to get into, I am looking to make as much money as I can within the first year i am down there (and save what I can), since after Nursing school starts, I wont be able to do as many hours.

I know money isnt everything, I just want to be able to focus on Nursing school when the time comes.

I am really exicited to get down there and work as a CNA, but would appreciate any other advice or suggestions you have. :)

Thanks again.


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