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CNA with phebotomy cert?


Would this be something beneficial to tack onto an STNA cert or or would it be something I couldn't really utilize until I went on to get my LPN/RN license- or are phlebotomists usually completely seperate entities alltogether? I don't see alot of job listings for phlebologists around here- (ok- none really) but I thought it might be something that would add some versatility and might make it more likely to get a hospital hire... Or is this something that wouldn't really piggy back with an STNA? (Not real familiar with the policies and common practices etc. in relation to phlebotomists....)


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depends where you work. I have worked in every hospital in the city I live in--Rochester, NY--One hospital CNAs and nurses drew blood only in the ED and ICU and all the other units ACM labs had phlebotomists draw all bloods.....with the exception of any blood to be drawn from a central line which HAS to be done by an RN. Other hospitals here every single unit the techs/nurses draw blood. However they get training by the hospital so the actual phlebotomy class is not taken-- most places have you go to one of their labs and you have to be observed doing 50 sticks and take a written test and then you can draw blood. I would pick one or the other though....both are not needed.

Thanks :) I'm definately doing the CNA course- but I was tempted to sign on for the phleb. course since it starts just after this one is over. But- I'll just apply to the hospitals and make it known that I'm happy to train for it, I guess. That's $1500 I don't have to spend if they'd train me LOL :)


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Some hospitals around me have CNA'S that need phleb. But either way you can't go wrong with the class. If anything Phleb's usually get paid more and you can switch back and forth between job's to keep your skills up! Good luck!

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