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CNA in Pediatrics???

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Hey there,

Just curious if there was anyone out there who's been a CNA in PEDS and if so, what was it like? Daily routine? etc...

Thank you for your time.



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Depends. Are you asking about a Pediatric unit in a hospital? Or a pediatric facility?

I work at a pediatric ltc for developmentally disabled kids and young adults. If that's the kind of thing you're curious about, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I love it!

Hey there,

Just curious if there was anyone out there who's been a CNA in PEDS and if so, what was it like? Daily routine? etc...

Thank you for your time.


There was a time period when I was pulled to peds a lot because they were short staffed. The routine is kind of similar to adult patients, especially on the older peds like teenagers. Vital signs wise you don't really need to check blood pressure on smaller children unless the doctor or nurse tells you to. However you'll need to do rectal temps, weigh dirty diapers, learn how to use wee bags, and generally be comfortable holding children.

Another consideration when working on a PEDS floor is the heightened security, typically PEDS units are locked and different hospitals have different safety measures in place to prevent abductions. The hospital should give you instructions on their specific programs but here are a few things to keep in mind that apply to most (if not all) hospitals.

  • Always check with the mother and check at least two patient identifiers before taking or giving a baby back to a guardian.
  • Babies are always transported in a bassinet. Be suspicious of and question anybody transporting a baby by carrying it. Until clarification is obtained follow any suspicious people that refuse to stop, but do not try to grab, hold, block, or detain them in anyway. As soon as you see another person tell them call a code Adam (or whatever your facility uses). Remember to be safe, if your safety is compromised, escape.
  • If a code Adam (or code pink, or whatever your facility calls it) know what you're suppose to do. If you're assigned to watch a door or stair well know which one.
  • Be aware of the differences between IV tubes and other kind of tubes (like NG tubes, Foleys, etc). Know what the tubes are used for, if you don't know trace it back to it's source.
  • Be aware of the difference between syringes for IV use and the ones used for oral meds. Never mix up the two, ie don't use an oral syringe to give an IV injection and vic versa. Ideally your oral syringes and IV syringes will be different colors and sizes so they won't be compatible.

A typical day for me in peds was like this:

0630- Receive report

0700- Take routine vital signs

0800- Breakfast

0900- Distraction therapy for older kids (this can be very fun and silly)

0930- ADL's and linen changes.

1000-Morning meds- make sure all the kids are back in their rooms. This correlated with Sesame street so that made it easy.

1130- Vitals on higher acuity children

1200- Lunch

1300-Distraction therapy

1600- Routine vital signs

1700- Dinner

1730-Start tabulating I&0s, changing out diaper trash bags, weighing diapers, etc.

1800- Stare at clock

1830-Start report

1900- Go home!

Wow, that is some great information =) thank you so so much for your time and input on what it was like for you. I start CNA school in Feb, and would love to work in PEDS in a hospital or in a facility. I know there will be differences between the 2 but its is great hearing your guy's experiences in these fields. Once again, I can't thank you enough for familiarizing with me on what a typical day for you is like.



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Since you said you'd consider working in a facility, I'll tell you a few things that make a peds facility different than a hospital unit or a geriatric facility.

A peds facility is generally going to have a lot of M.R.D.D. residents (Mentally retarded and/or developmentally disabled). You'll have a lot of tube feeds, a lot of trachs, and most will be total care. The work is hard, but most CNA work is hard.

The age ranges at a peds facility are big. We have a 3 month old, all the way up to a 55 year old. Even the older residents, due to their disabilities, aren't much different than kids and tend to look a lot younger.

A peds facility is a bit more informal and "home-like" than a hospital unit, as it is the kids' home. It's colorful and there's a lot of music and toys, and acting silly and playing with the kids is encouraged.

A big difference from geriatrics is that a large percentage of them go out to school or workshop during the week. Of our 80 residents, anywhere from 40-50 go out on any given day. School and workshop provide them with stimulation and different activities.

There is a lot of focus on activities - our kids have karaoke, Wii games, crafts, and they go on a lot of outings. SOmetimes shopping trips, plays, museums, holiday programs, all kinds of things.

The best thing about working in a Peds. long term care facility is the kids themselves. They are amazing and so touching. Many are there because they were born disabled, but many others are there as a result of abuse or accidents, so it can be really tough.

We have shaken babies, drowning or house fire victims, a couple who have severe head injuries from blunt force (the work of the parents...) As much as they break my heart, it's incredibly rewarding to work with these kids, and it really does change you as a person. They are so happy with the smallest bit of attention or affection, and you get so attached to them. I can't imagine working anywhere else, now.

I know most people prefer working in a hospital (and when I occasionally floated to the peds unit, I liked it!), but I definitely encourage you to consider a facility as an option, as well. If you have the heart for it, it's a great job.

I start cna class in jan how would I go about getting a job at at a peds clinic after passing my certification test?


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Clinics around here don't hire CNAs, you'd have to inquire with them directly as to whether or not they have CNAs and if they're hiring or not.

Hi my name is Deborah I am A CNA I would Love to work with kids in the Nursing filed I live in Moore,OK anyone knows of any places to work with kids

for the comment posted in 10' I am currently in LNA school. I LOVE the healthcare field. LNA is a hard working job and I can do it, but I'm not sure if it's with the elderly that I'm so interested in. CNAs and LNAs are the same correct? If so, can you point me in the right direction of where to look into a PED center for LNAs. I would LOVE to work with the disabled kids and young adults. Let me know asap? I am trying to get a job lined up. Thanks so much