CNA NST the same?

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So I'm new to the complete system in the US and basically don't understand what is what. Maybe someone can help me understand the difference her, because I try to find a better future for me and my Son. So what i would like to know is if I go trough CNA training and want to become a NST for a local Hospital. Does this work or is this two different Jobs. I dont mind working in a retirement home as CNA but in the long run i would love to work in a hospital ER. All answers are appreciated.

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Can you tell us what 'NST' stands for in the job listings? The functions of CNA take many names in the US- patient care tech, patient care assistant, etc.

Oh sorry yes i did't know that it is even more complicated. So NST is for Nursing Technician and if i understand the Job posting right on the Hospital website, you can apply for this as a CNA but im not sure. Even looking at Google it seems to be the same because it says NST do a little more then CNA's but are basically the same. Im just not sure that this is correct in South Carolina, or if thats from some other state. Just want to make sure that I am not going in a wrong direction with my future.

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Like I said- many places kind of make up their own names for basically the same job. CNA sounds like what you need. Best wishes!

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