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Hi my name is shonda, i'm a new cna:yeah:. Just got my first job at a Nursing Home, I start orientation on monday , I will me working the 7p to 7a shif. So can anyone give me a run down on what a typical day is like working the 7p to 7a shift at a nursing home, also. Thanks:

Aslo I will be working in the alzheimer unit.:

what's it's like working in the alzhemimer unit

what things would i have to do on the 7p to7a shift

And A run down on what u do on your shift

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No advice but good luck and congrats on the job.

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i don't know of any nursing homes with just 2 shifts. Usually they have three (7-3, 3-11, and 11-7). Day shift has a lot of people and night shift has a bare bones staff, while 3-11 is in between. I wonder if you're going to be dealing with minimal staff all night, or if they have some people who work 3-11 to accommodate the after-supper rush of putting people to bed. It just seems odd because the busiest times are 7a-2p and 5p-8p.

I've never worked past 11pm myself. I would say that the first couple hours you're going to be really busy washing people up and putting them to bed. You'll probably have a few showers as well. Once everyone is in bed (at my facility most people don't stay up past 8 and some of them get ***** if they're not in bed by 6:30!), things slow way down, and it's mostly turning people and cleaning up after incontinence. There are always a handful of people who ring all night and another handful that get really restless and won't stay in bed.


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thanks for the replay's they have the 7-3,3-11 ans 11-7 shift to