CNA - needs attitude adjustment and encouragement


I need help understanding my job,

I'm having a really difficult time being a CNA where I work. The people I work with have always been very flexible and accommodating. I like the adminstrative staff, the nurses, the other cnas and the residents. I, however, now, for four hours of my 12 hour shift have 20 people. I have 13 - 16 (helping other aides with those residents that need more than one aide) for the rest of my 8 hour shift. I HATE MY JOB. I am not a CNA to give inadequate care and hurt myself. I hurt when I get off work. I feel like bawling. The residents see what is going on and think that they can't ask me to help them because "I am too busy".... but, that's my job! I want to help, but I can't do anything more than take you to the toilet and RUN out your door. I am so perturbed.

I don't want to leave because I am a good aide and will do better than the new person they hire to take my place. However, I don't want to work in this environment. I wouldn't send my child to a daycare where she was neglected because they had either taken on too many kids or they wouldn't hire enough staff.

I always go in. I have filled in on numerous occasions. I am just frustrated. I work so hard. I care. CNA's are dime a dozen, though, so who cares, right????

Ugh, do I need an attitude adjustment or do I need to find a new job? I've spent the last 7 mos or so perfectly happy there. But why are they suddenly so OK with slaughtering their employee moral and putting the residents at risk?

The Bottom Line. :banghead:

My rant is over. I'm dedicating myself to changing my attitude. :crying2:

On my unit there are over 30 patients and a lot of them are very sick. We are short-staffed and only have 1 or 2 nursing assistants scheduled each day. Sometimes another nursing assistant has to be pulled from another unit to help us. I agree with you that being short puts patients at risk. I've had patients who needed assistance ambulating and have attempted to get up on their own or made threats to "make a mess" because no one came right away. Some of the other nursing assistants I work with feel the same way. They come to work, they do the best they can without wearing themselves out, but they still want to leave. Some have already left, which has contributed even more to the lack of staff. I think you only need a minor attitude adjustment. Your attitude should be "I"ll do the best that I can, but I"m not going to hurt or wear myself out." It's sad that we can't provide the adquate care patients need, but the lack of nursing assistants on the floor is not your fault. Maybe you'll have an easier time finding employment some place else where the work load isn't that high.


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I think you are correct in that I can only do as much as I can... preservation. I don't want to find another job, I really like the facility I am at. Just not the corporate mind set.

I do just need an adjustment. I'm normally the one saying what you just said.

I'm stressed out in general (school, single mom) and I'm doing well with what I have. But it gets to me. And With added stress (more work, more school) I really feel it and it shows.

It's hard to accommodate for more work when you don't feel you can take it on.

So thank you for telling me what I already know - but needed to hear.

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