you either jump or get pushed!!

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]hi i am a 33 year old cna student living on vancouver island in b.c, canada.i am looking forward to chatting with you ! are there any other canadians out there?we call the program here r.c.a for resident care attendant.i am starting my second week of practicum in a lock down heavy dementia unit.....let me just say the "learning curve"is steep!!!i have debated going into a dogwalking business or flower arranging after this last week!!! i am of course not serious it is just overwhelming ,they all go so fast ,while i am still struggling to figure out what kind of super human smoothie/roller blades/wipen butt wizard tools to use haha.i am excited,scared, and those ted stockings and forgetting the hip protectors until after the residents are dressed will be the end of me!!!! good luck to all fellow students,i am also planning on bridging into the lpn ,maybe activity assistant as well for more hours at the same pay.ok i am off to get ready for tommorow.when you contact me tell me where you are man and i long hauled all through canada and the u.s take care all
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  3. by   chadash
    Hello! I am not Canadian, but as I read your post I am watching Red Green, so maybe that counts a bit?
    Great to read your enthusiastic post. Sounds like you are going to have fun along the way, and by gosh, that is half of it....
    The other half is really liking people, and sounds like you have that too..
    you're a shoe in!