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Today was the fourth day of clinicals as a CNA student, and so far I had quite an experience but I am loving every moment of it. I am just so surprised how fast the CNA's have to be to get to their... Read More

  1. by   mintygirl
    CNA's have a high turn-over rate and are literally a dime a dozen. This wasn't the case so about 5 years back ( I can attest to that ) but the nursing shortage is a complete myth. The jobs are really impacted so they have plenty of people, who usually speak very little english that needs that 8.00/hr job and will work twice as hard as the next cna to survive for their family.
  2. by   sandygirl123
    The number one reason why cna's are not paid better is because we don't stand together as a unit. You hear on the news about fast food workers not being paid enough. Well sorry to say but, as a cna we work a lot harder and we work around dangerous conditions like blood, and other bodily fluids. Plus we have to deal with very angry people, as people that are sometimes very violent. It is a back breaking job and studies have shown that there are more work related injuries in the nursing homes than construction workers and most coal miner jobs! Now that says something don't you think? And how much do they pay construction workers and coal miners? My guess is probably from $15-20 an hour. Which is not bad pay at all. How much do they want to pay cna's it depends on the area that you live in is what I am told. But, I live in Northern VA and which is an very expensive area and some jobs I saw they wanted to pay $8-10 an hour! That is crazy I want them to offer that pay to a construction worker and see what the outcome is on that lol.
  3. by   OwlieO.O
    I make $12.45 as a home care med aide. I just got my CNAI, enrolled in CNAII and applied for a job that will pay around $13.59 starting at a hospital.
  4. by   sweetcup
    What is CNAI and CNAII? What state do you live in?
  5. by   slilly
    A cna2 is a higher level of certification. Meaning in some states they can do catheter insertion. I can disimpact a person if I need to. Change colostomies. Take out tube feedings that are nasogastric