Where can CNAs work?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been working on my nursing prerequisites for what seems like an eternity---I took the hard route-got married, had 2 kids, THEN decided to go to school I start LVN school in the fall and I'm so excited! Recently I found out that a local LTC facility offers a 6-week CNA course and I'm really interested in doing this. I feel it might be great experience for me before starting nursing school and during nursing school. I would love to know details about the course, and any general information you can give me regarding where a CNA can be employeed, job duties, aspects about the job that aren't so enjoyable, rewarding aspects, etc.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   nur2be
    CNAs mainly work in LTC facilities. some work in the hospitals but they have many years of experince. CNAs duties are bathing, feeding, doing vital signs, emptying foley catheters, I&O, charting, bedpan, changing linen. this can be a hard job, but you have to be open minded.
  4. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    If you can take the CNA course, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO.....You have no idea how much you will learn and see once you start working.....As a CNA, I worked in LTC and I also currently work in one of the local hospitals.... You don't have to have years experience before you enter the hospital.....In the LTC Facility you will run into LOTS OF LVN students.....I work currently in one and I was showing the SLVN how to care for patients, because they DO patient care and so do RN's in the hospital....They ALL do patient care, not just the CNA's and they do it with pride and don't delegate on CNA's they ask the CNA to assist....which most times, I just would rather do it myself because it's so easy......

    As a CNA, what the previous poster posted is all true....but also depending on where you end up working, you might have other responsibilities too....
  5. by   nur2be
    I would like to say that I was not trying to discourage you, the other poster made it seem like I was. I have been a CNA for 7yrs and fresh out of school I applied at the hospital and they told me that I have to have 5 or more yrs experince and this is in San Diego CA. So I say you should check with your local hospital and not just take somebody word it. I really encourage you to take the class, it will help you when you do your LVN program. :spin:
  6. by   aerorunner80
    As far as the hospital issue goes, I have zero expierence as a CNA other than my clinicals and I got hired into a hospital within two weeks of graduating and will be starting next monday.
  7. by   sissyboo
    Our hospitals here hire new CNAs--but generally with the idea that they will be attending nursing school at the same time and they are willing to pay a portion of nursing school, both LPN and RN (with each degree program). I guess its a way for them to get nurses before they are actually nurses!
  8. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    That's interesting that in San Diego you have to have 5 years experience...Keep checking around because my Tia works over at one of the hospitals in San Diego and they've had some CNA's with little experience come on the floor and do just fine.....When I went from the Sub-Acute/LTC to the hospital, I went to a TOTALLY different area and it took time, I learned adjusted and I love it....although I do miss the med-surg part of it....

    Also word of advise, if a hospital is in of CNA's and they have little to no applicants, they will call you......Good luck