When are you officially considered a CNA?

  1. I looked on my state's (Illinois) health care worker registry and it says I passed the CNA competency exam on 1/21/13. Am I officially considered a CNA?
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  3. by   Graduation2016
    If it shows a license number then you're officially a CNA! Best of luck!
  4. by   johnny7
    you don't get a license or a license number? what states give CNAs their own license number?
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  5. by   Graduation2016
    Yes CNA's get a CNA license and a number. Every state does it.
  6. by   Graduation2016
    You can print that screen that says you passed and bring it to interviews until you get your license int the mail.
  7. by   johnny7
    In Illinois, certified Nursing Assistants are NOT issued a license, card or credential of any kind by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The nurse aide certification/registry number is the aide's social security number. Illinois Nurse Aide Testing
  8. by   johnny7
    Don't do know of any states that give CNAs licenses.
  9. by   Graduation2016
    Well, in Florida you do get a license number and license in the mail when you pass both written and skills tests. I guess not every state does it then. Sorry for the mistake. Although I don't work as a CNA now I still hold my license and keep renewing it and maintaining my required CEU's.
  10. by   Graduation2016
    Maybe you're confusing CNA with just NA. A NA does not get certified so they don't have any type of license. A certified nursing assistant does.
  11. by   Glycerine82
    Quote from adoRNo2015
    Maybe you're confusing CNA with just NA. A NA does not get certified so they don't have any type of license. A certified nursing assistant does.
    CNAs have a certification which is much different than a licence.

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  12. by   Graduation2016
    Well, I'm sorry, the OP asked and I answered according to my knowledge. I do have a CNA license number with my CNA certification.. I'm in Florida.
  13. by   Graduation2016
    My document is a CNA certification which has a license number. Why is this so hard to understand? Obviously not all states do it the same. I took a picture of it but can't post it. Looking for a way to do it so you can see.
  14. by   Glycerine82
    I understand completely I too have one. I was just letting you know its not a license, its a certification. There is a difference. You may have been issued a "license number" but it doesn't mean you have a "license" you have a Certification.

    Licenses are mandated through regulatory or government agencies and define the title and scope of practice. Having a certification is typically offered by an industry to uphold certain standards. A certification is the recognition of an individual who has demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within a profession.

    I wasn't trying to be rude, I was just letting everyone know there is a difference. Its good information to know for Job interviews etc.