Volunteer at the hospital before applying for a CNA job??

  1. Hey there,

    I thought I'd pose this scenario and see what some veteran CNAs or nurses might have to say!

    There are a few hospitals that I have been a patient at, or a loved one was a patient at, where I'd like to maybe apply for a position as a CNA (I do have long-term goals, but need to be able to save up $ for tuition in the mean time)... Do you think it will help to volunteer...will I be able to meet the nurses, meet the "higher-ups" and basically try to do some networking? Or am I crazy, that the hospitals are just too understaffed and I'll never get a chance to get to know anybody there or get any feel at all of how things are actually running??? When I was much younger I volunteered at nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospitals... but I don't remember any of the nurses or doctors, just the patients...

    I will be done with my CNA course right around the end of the year holidays... hoping to start the new year working someplace where the staff actually work together, caring for the patients (if such a place exists any more...)

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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  3. by   Mike R
    I started as a volunteer at my local hospital. I found out who the managers were and schmoozed them all. Ended up working for radiology and ergonomics later. Now I'm in the stepdown Neuro/Stroke floor as a CNA.

    I personally don't really feel the managers actually care that you're a volunteer, after all there's no real experience behind it. But if you can wow them and the nurse coordinators with personality, it's a leg up. My advice? DO IT!
  4. by   Tranquila
    Were you already a CNA when you volunteered? Thanks, Mike, I appreciate the encouragement.
  5. by   Mike R
    Nope. I worked in a law office for 6 years prior as a clerk. No medical experience at all.
  6. by   parumph
    I tried the same thing but the hospital I offered to work for (for free) danced me around a bit till I just never heard from them. (approx 6 months) They made it sound like they only have volly's in the summer. I may try again shortly. Already working FT but I want a foot in the door. Free CNA for a night on the weekends in the ER? Who would pass that up!?
  7. by   LaterAlligator
    It might help, but they might be mainly interested in CNA experience, in which case your best bet is to get certified, go work in a nursing home for 6 months to a year, then apply at the hospital. I've heard of hospitals hiring brand-new CNA's on this message board, but never where I live. Good luck!