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  1. I had to work again... on my weekend off... I dont mind it though because I worked with the best people and the best residences. Don't get me wrong I love my job even when I have a bad day at it or I feel like I havent accomplished enough I wouldnt trade it for anything else in the world right now. Its the company that I work for that I dont agree with. See the girl that was always calling in on her weekend to work got fired so I was called in to cover for her. Well I asked "Can I just be put on the schedual for the weekend that she works so Im back at full time?" and this is what I was told. "Welll I'll have to see what I can do" to me it seemed like it would be a no brainer then she wouldnt have to hire in someone else and spend twice as much on training them. Plus there is only 2 full time aides on that weekend right now and if I went to full time then there would be 3 and I would get to work a full twelve so then there would be at least three aides on because tonight there are 4 aides on all night. it seems like day shift never gets the shaft, the weeknights only get it some times, but the weekends get the shaft big time! I cover for people all time and I am never late I have only called in twice for legitiment reasons and yet I cant go to full time and I would even be willing to come in to cover through the week to cover for staight pay. but I still feel like I am getting the shaft. but thats not the only thing that I am angry or a little frustrated with.
    today is payday I get paid around two throught the mail, my company mails the checks out. well no one has gotten there checks yet. and I guess around last payday one of the day time nurses checks bounced at the bank. and Im thinking what in the heck is happening? so tommarow Im waiting down at the mail box and as soon as I get my check Im rushing to the bank or even better yet walmart and am cashing it to make sure I get it.
    then their is another situation with an aide who I am naming john doe got fired I took his spot when I got hired in well he got rehired back like in march. and from the storys I heard from the nurses other aides and the residences I was like how come he got hired back if he was that bad well maybe hes not Ill just see how it goes working with him. because I dont like being judged through the grape vine so I dont want to do the same to someone else. so this weekedn the nurse was working with me and she was telling me and another aide that she was being forced to work with john. and that she didnt like it because he has done things that are border line abuse. and Im thinking that if a trusted nurse that has closely worked with him is saying this then maybe there is some truth to this well she told the DON she did not want to work with him and the DON said "to bad because he isnt getting fired under any circumstances and if you dont like it you know where the door is." and when I heard this I was shocked. because I have seen hims get a little crabby with a few resindences more than expected out of a CNA. One resident even flipped him off. He has even said to one of the nurses that I sucked and he wasnt calling me in to work for him and the nurse that I trust said "I dont see where he sucks I love working with him I have never had a problem with him and none of the residence have complained about him" (witch I have mentioned before in another post) he has lied to me about being sick to come in to cover for him and well he wasnt sick or so it seemed, I think that if an 8 month pregnant girl can go to work a full twelve and me with cdiff can go to work then I think that he can work with a little bit of a belly ache. If he dosnt want to work all he need to do is say so and I will come in to cover because I will admit there as been nights were I didnt want to work so I called someone in who wanted to get more hours becuase I felt it was just a little bit more fair that way plus I had an attitude that if everyone else can call in then why cant I, Ive ditched that attitude since then it aint worth it. so I guess Im just saying I feel that the place I work for is just purely out for money and nothing else and that they dont care about the residences what so ever to rehire people who didnt want to do there job or who are abusive. I sort of have this feeling that he will get the weekend that I want to work because he never wants to work he always wants someone to cover for him and then he will complain about how he needs more hours so they will give him that weekend too when he already works full time I think that they only like him because of his looks and to be honest if thats the case they can do better. I feel that too the 8 month pregnant aide will loose her job when she goes on maternity leave and she is good at her job plus she is really smart she makes me feel stupid some times (lol) I am really willing to take her hours through the week for straight pay just so she doesnt get fired because she is also going to school full time and has like 3 other kids. I know that by law they cant fire her but the place that I work for does a lot of things that are against the law. Im just venting because I feel like some stuff is about to go down at my work and that some of the other aides including myself that come and do our jobs are going to get sent up the river for someone who doesnt do there job.
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