transfer licensure to a different state

  1. I will be testing soon for FL state CNA licensure but I live in GA and am going to nursing school in GA. It was more convenient to go to a FL CNA program and FL has more jobs. How do I go about transferring or holding licensure in both states since I am on the border and FL?

    I've checked on NNAAP website and its not giving me much.
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  3. by   MechelleMyBell
    I don't think they transfer. I think you have to be licensed in the state where you work. So to work in Florida you have to test in Floria. To work in Georgia you have to test in Georgia. This is the way I understand it anyway. If it's a national test then you can work nationally with it but if it's a state test, you can only work in that state.
  4. by   ckhrobison
    I got my CNA license in OK. When I moved to TX, I called the appropriate agency and they sent me paperwork to fill out and send to OK for them to fill out their section. They mailed it back to me, and I forwarded it on to state of Texas. Then I got my Texas CNA license. I still have my OK license. I didn't have to surrender it? So, I guess I am good for both states. I never asked b/c I don't plan on going back to OK.

    So, my suggestion is to find out which dept does them in GA, explain the situation and ask them.
  5. by   Chance010507
    I found some answers in case anyone is interested. In Florida you can renew your license if you have worked for 24 hours as a cna, you can have your license transferred to GA if you have worked for 8 hours as a paid CNA and apply online and it will be mailed to you.
  6. by   Paws2people
    You can get reciprocity to work in GA. Florida is run by Prometric I believe.