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  1. Hi! This is my first post on allnurses, and I'm fascinated with the boards. I really have been able to weigh my choice to become a nurse thanks to reading posts here. I have decided to go through CNA training while i wait for my spot in the LPN program with my local community college since we have a MAJOR waiting list on all LPN programs here in MS. I thought it'd be the best to get me into the field if I were to work a few months as a CNA. I was just wondering if it was going to be the same long list of people to get into a CNA program at a community college. I just now have gotten life settled enough to go to school and work, so I'm a bit late in the game getting the ball rolling. Hinds Allied/Health has an 8 wk course that runs 2 nights a week and 5 saturdays which is just amazing because i'm a waiter so it's quite the perfect setup. I wondered, with two months left before classes start if there was a prayer of me getting into a training program for the summer.
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  3. by   texastaz
    Only way to find out is to try.
  4. by   Serendipity, PCT
    Don't feel bad about starting @ 21; I'm 22. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and money: I went to traditional college at 18 and I got caught up changing majors and transferring schools- NO DEGREE to show for myself.

    Here I am getting my CNA/PCT Certification as well; I'm starting all over. You have to pick up the pieces and move on. It's better to get your life together now while you are young and have limited responsibilities, then later.