Starting CNA classes on May 6th

  1. I'm super excited about it! I'm going for the RN program at the community college but I still have a few prereq courses I need to take, after this semester I will just need A&P I.

    Any advice? Im a little nervous about becoming a CNA because I've read it can make you not want to be a RN.

    Mostly, I'm nervous about over doing it. I'm also doing Intro to Psychology and Science of Human Nutrition as online courses.
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  3. by   mvm2
    If you are realistic as to what CNAs do, I do not think it will stop you from wanting to be a nurse. CNA and nursing for that matter can have a lot of the unpleasent tasks, you just have to know and have the right mind frame that these things have to be done and taken care of for the health and wellness of the resident/patient.

    With the other classes that you are taking you will be busy but since the other classes are online and not classroom I think you will be just fine. I think you will get to see that the CNA class will be the easiest of your classes as book work goes.

    Good Luck I am sure you wil be just fine
  4. by   JeanSerra
    I have worked in the field for 7 years and Love every minute of it...... Sometime it is good to start from the bottom then you understand what it is to do that job when you are handing out responsibilities when your the RN... I learned everything I could I have done billing and coding, MA, front desk, CNA, ECG, and so fourth. Learn everything you can, the more you know the more you are worth in $$$$$$ I am telling you everyone will want you.... Good Luck....