Sent Home Because Fellow Worker Reported That I Was Being Rough With Residents

  1. I just recently begin both a RN nursing program and a new job as a CNA. The good part is I really enjoy school.
    The really sad aspect is the job as a CNA is turning into a nightmare because I was sent home today because a fellow coworker reported that I was being rough with the patients. Consequently, the place I work for is required to due an investagation into the allegations. Eventhough, I care for these people like they are my parents. I am really sick over this situation today. I am afraid that I this could mess up school as well.
    Also, I am seriously considering terminating my employment when I have a hearing with the DON because I am really sick and tired of the games that go on at work.
    I really need some experienced advice here on what to do. I would appreciate any insight at all.

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  3. by   jb2u
    No one can really "tell you what to do," but if you are having difficulties with co-workers that can not be resolved then perhaps moving on is the best choice. Only you can decide that. As far as, messing up your chances with the nursing program...NO ONE can answer that question for you on this board.

    I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but unfortunately, no one can really answer your questions we can only offer our support. For this reason, the thread will be closed. Please feel free to vent about the "bad" days and post about the "great" ones.