Schedules and Double Shifts

  1. I'm a new direct care aide working PRN in an ALF and just received my schedule for May. I'm pretty unhappy with it because on the two weekends I work, I'm scheduled for double shifts (1st & 2nd shift) on both Saturday and Sunday. I'd like to get some feedback on how common a double shift two days in a row is? I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it! I know I'll be dead on my feet by the end of my weekend and mentally burned out as well. For those of you who have worked this kind of schedule, any tips on how to stay sane?

    I really want to talk to the nurse administrator to let her know that while I don't mind a double shift every once in awhile, I really don't want to work double shifts two days in a row (partly because I have arthritis and the physical demands on my body are too much), but feel like I can't at this point as I'm new to the job and was hired PRN. On the other hand, I doubt I'll last long at the ALF I'm at if this is going to be a regular thing.

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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    As the DON for an assisted-living facility, I never scheduled people for doubles unless it was absolutely necessary, and then only after I'd talked with them first. I don't believe the majority of people can work doubles safely..........twelve hours is pushing it, sixteen is an accident waiting to happen!

    Then again, I've always been a realist: if I won't work doubles, why should I expect it of someone else?

    In short: tell your boss you can't work doubles, especially not on 2 consecutive days, because you feel you would be unsafe. If she can't handle that, you need to RUN, not walk, away from this job and go someplace that doesn't "use" people like so much Kleenex. JMHO.........
  4. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I never work doubles but I do have to work every day for 2 weeks straight. I'm 2 days in so far...