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  1. Hi!! I'd like to pick people's brains for an idea, I'm going to post here and on the general nursing, hopefully someone can help. I'm a nursing assistant instructor and I'm graduating my first class on Friday. I got them all travel mugs that I'm filling with little things....pens, little Purel hand gels, Motrin packets (lol!), chocolate, etc....what I'm having a little problem with is the travel mugs. I got the kind that I can put my own art (or whatever) into. I was thinking of putting some clip art, or funny quotes that pertain to CNAs. I've been searching and got some ideas, but does anyone out there have any funny quotes or comics that pertain to CNAs? I'd like to keep it funny, I'm big in trying to keep up a good attitude in such a difficult and frustrating field, and I was hoping that if I put something funny on the mug the students could read it on a bad day and hopefully get a little smile. Any ideas? Thanks so much for any help!!
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    wow! You must have a plethora of extra cashflow! I didn't make NEARLY enough $$ when teaching certified nursing assistants to do all that for their xmas, nor graudation gifts!
    LOL...anyway....let's see....how about little stick figure cartoon characteristics of cnas? Or mockups of scrub tops? the cartoon characters of those? animals? don't know how well you can draw or whatever, that IS a hard one to answer! LOL
    good luck with it!