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Hello everyone, I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I passed the certification test for Medication Aide, January, 2006. Most of the nursing homes, I have talked to said, I need to be a CNA. I... Read More

  1. by   nikkip26
    thats an awful thing to say! i am currently a LNA and we have a beautiful home on the lake and pay for it just fine. and im starting school again next month so you can do it!!( this is to who wrote they dont make crap and good luck paying for a house)
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  2. by   LaterAlligator
    I work in the Pacific Northwest & here, CNA's start between $8.50-$10 hr in LTC/AL facilities. Med techs start between $9-$12. Hospitals pay more but are very competitive to be hired & require experience. Good luck!