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  1. Hello,

    I am looking into becoming a CNA, i am wondering what a patient's schedule is like, i realize they get up really earlier, or atleast what is really early to me, but not sure how the rest of the day goes for them.

    thanks - jason
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  3. by   kmarie724
    Here's how a typical day is at the LTC facility I work at: Residents wake up and get ready between 6am and 8am. There's a few that like to get up even earlier than 6, night shift CNAs get them up. Breakfast is at 8:15. After breakfast, we get eveyone toileted and repositioned. A few residents like to lay down again after breakfast, but most stay up. There's almost always some kind of activity going on in the resident lounge. A lot of them go to that. Otherwise, they watch TV or read or whatever they want to do in their rooms. This is also the time when a lot of residents have appointments with physical therapy or the beauty shop. Lunch is at noon. After lunch, everyone is toileted and repositioned again and most resident lay down for an afternoon nap. At 2:30, the day shift leave and evening shift CNAs start work. Between 2:30 and 5, residents get up from their naps, are toileted, walked, etc. There is often an afternoon activity in the lounge as well. At 5pm, CNAs get report from the nurse, and then bring residents to the dining room for supper at 5:30. After supper, residents are toileted and repositioned. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is bingo at 7pm. Otherwise, the evenings are pretty quiet. From 7pm-9pm, residents get ready for bed. All except 2 of the evening shift CNAs go home at 9pm (or a little later if they take longer to get all their work done). At 10pm, the remaining 2 evening shift CNAs go on rounds to check briefs, reposition, and make sure everyone is okay. At 11pm, night shift CNAs come in and evening shift leaves. I've never worked the night shift, so I'm not sure exactly what goes on, but I know they go on rounds and midnight, 2am, and 4am. Hope this helps.