Northern California/Bay Area: New Grad CNA looking for a job!

  1. Hey ya'll! I'm up late, just got off of work actually, and was looking for new grad CNA jobs. I've been pushing out cover-letters, resumes, job apps, and letters of recommendation for the past two weeks now and have had no luck in nabbing a job. I typically apply as SNFs and Assisted-living facilities because I KNOW a hospital wouldn't hire a new grad CNA. I live in Oakland, CA and am really starting to feel discouraged with the lack of CNA job opportunity for new grads around here.

    I was wondering if anyone was in my area and knew of some staffing agencies or nursing-homes that would work with me? I've been looking on Craigslist and have been finding a lot of caregiver jobs, but not many CNA jobs that don't require 1-2 years of experience (which I obviously don't have!). The convalescent home I did my clinicals at was beyond depressing and I reeeaaaallly don't want to work there! ANYONE who has ANY tips for this ambitious, ready-to-work CNA PLEASE leave me your advice!

    Thanks in advance,

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  3. by   Cali_Nurse_209
    I live in central Cali, and I dnt know what shift your looking for but I know places are always looking for people to work night shift, 11pm-7am. So, if u wanna get your foot in the door that may be the way to go. Some places say they want 1 yr experience but that isn't always the case, keep trying, u will get the job.
  4. by   jennamedina
    Have you found a position yet? I am going to start a CNA program soon and was wondering how the Bay Area job market is? What's your status and if you are employed by now are you happy with the job you chose?
  5. by   mintygirl
    Apply to the hospitals anyways, what do you have to lose?

    As for LTC that you trained at, you might just have to bite the bullet and work there for the experience, then transfer out. I find its important to try and land a job asap as a grad, as your skills are more fresh in your mind.

    If nothing else, call and apply at all your local LTC's and find a listing of them. I'd call before hand if they are accepting applications and when you go in and fill out the app, ask if its alright to meet with the hiring manager right then and there. A facility will end up having to hire you at some point, then let them now your interest to further your nursing degree - as your pretty much talking to a nurse as well.. She/He's just administration!