New CNA need help!

  1. Hi! I have been lurking on this site for some time and now I finally decided to post! I am a new CNA in the state of AZ and was just hired by a Home Health Agency. I need some advice - my experience is limited to that of what I learned in school. I just received my first assignment, to work the next week in home with an elderly man with alzheimers. His wife is the primary caregiver, she is in the hospital so I am filling in for her. I am nervous! My questions are: what should I wear? Scrubs are not mandatory, either scrubs or business casual. Also, any advice in general. I know this seems silly, I am just nervous. I love this site, everyone seems to have great insight and words of encouragement. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Dorali
    Personally, Id wear scrubs. They seem to come clean easier and they're comfortable.

    I've never worked home health so I don't know what else to offer. Just keep a smile on your face, that helps a lot with the alzheimers residents I've had to deal with so far. If you're happy they're happy.

    Good luck on your new job!

  4. by   ssakata
    I did home health care for a while. I agree with Dondie, plus they are more professional. Will you be staying in the home? If you are staying in the home it is generally not expected of you to wear scrubs at all times.
    Find out as much as you can about the resident (food preferences if any, hobbies or interests) Because the person has alzheimers you can try to talk to them, you can try asking them questions to get them started in talking. If what they are saying doesnt make sense go a long with it. Be nice and happy.
    A lot of the home care I did included picking up the home, cooking, laundry, showers, providing company and conversation.
    You will do fine
  5. by   sstewart
    I did an internship at an adult day care that specialized in the care of people with Alzheimer's while in college. It is recommended that if you are working with Alzheimer's patients that you do not wear white. The nurse there told me that it makes you look like a "floating head". I would think some colorful scrubs would be best, imo.