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  1. I have been looking for a CNA position for over a year. I have had a few interviews, have applied with both my clinical sites, and never heard anything back from them. Recently, I had an interview that went really well. I liked the people, they liked me, and I thought that it could work out. There was, of course, the hiring process. Look at the applications, interview other candidates, etc. So, after about a week, I start calling them to check on my application. It took another week to get someone on the phone, who said they would call me back mid-afternoon. Two days later, I finally get said contact person on the phone. He says that they really liked me, really enjoyed my interview, but that a lot of other applicants had come in with more experience and the team wanted someone with more experience. He said that the Executive Director is holding onto my application and if something comes up...Anyway. So that is my story, I am up front with people both on the phone and during the interview that I don't have experience beyond clinicals and having cared for loved ones in the past. How do I get a foot in the door and overcome the no experience, no job situation? My strategy right now is apply for any and all facilities, and talk to people who work in these types of facilities.
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  3. by   mvm2
    Have you looked at other avenues other then LTC such as home health, Assistant living, even some hospice agencies want CNAs. Do ou have any vetrain Homes or hospitals around by you? I hope that you will find something soon. Good Luck, and keep looking. You never know when something will come along.
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    I have been trying assisted living. I do not own a car, so home health may not be an option for me. It seems that the hospitals all want 1+years of experience. What is a veteran home? I will not give up.
  5. by   mvm2
    sometimes there are homes/hospitals that have only veterans that live at these facilities. We have one that is close to where I live that we actually did our clinicals in. I loved it because these men and women served our countryand it was wonderful to give them some care and attention for all that they did for us serving our country.

    I found a list of Veteran Homes by state if this helps at all
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  6. by   AlaskaHopeful
    DO NOT GIVE UP! I just got hired in the emergency department as a tech. My clinical was in October of 2012. I have NO experience in the medical field other than clinical. I seriously was ready to throw in the towel after so many applications in the past 6 months. I finally got an interview...

    I had a feeling that the no experience question would come up, especially in the ED.

    I was asked during the interview directly by the ED manager:
    "Do you think that having no experience is a bad thing for the position for which you are applying for?"

    With confidence and conviction I stated:
    "No. I believe that not having experience is an opportunity for me to learn, and grow. It is also an opportunity for the emergency department to teach me the ways of how the ED works, without me bringing any bad habits from other departments."

    This is a negative question, in my mind. BUT.... I put a positive spin on it, and made it out to be a positive thing for me, and the ED as well.

    I kept a positive attitude, told them I was flexible, a fast learner, and that I aspired to become an RN in that specific ED and hospital one day. My excitement to be part of their team probably showed a lot. I was super interested and did a week of prep for the interview.

    Just remember to think positive! Positive things will happen!

    I believe that I was destined for this ED tech position, because I put in a lot of apps over the months. If I would have received another offer in LTC or something, and started working, I may have missed out on the ED tech position. I believe that I'm blessed with it, but I also believe that everything (positive or negative) happens for a specific reason.

    If there is nothing coming your way now... stay positive. The universe is lining up in just the right way to provide you with something great!