ku nursing school??

  1. how many credits do you take for a cna course at a community college?
    its 90 hrs...but how many classes is that divided in?

    im also curious if there's any classes required for a cna class (like anatomy and physiology, if thats even required?) that you might take that could transfer to my college to help me complete a biology degree...

    thanks alot!
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  3. by   casi
    Depending on the school it might not count as college credits. I took my CNA course through continuing education and I received 80 contact hours, but no credits.

    The only thing required for my course was the mantoux (TB) test. Which you can get from your doctor or the college's student health center. As far as classes nothing is required. CNA courses are pretty straight forward and rather simple. It's a lot of common sense mixed up with a few facts and a few skills.
  4. by   Graceylou
    Our cna class starts in three days! i don't if i should take it or not, im still trying to decide if nursing is what i want to do..do you think its worth the time/money to go ahead even if i don't end up going into nursing school later?