Job injury

  1. Well today I strained my back. Did it when putting strap from pad of sit to stand lift on the lift arm. Partner didn't realise I had strained my back. He kept insisting I put the next ring up on the lift. Thus pulled the man away from the chair to get the strap on the arm. Lady visiting next bed got him to leave it where I could put it. Tried to ignore the cramp thus kept on working for an hour. Lady visiting room mate gave me numbers for private care. So maybe I will find a job that I am better suited for. This is really scary.
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  3. by   interceptinglight
    This is exactly the reason that I, too, am leaving long-term care. I'm 48 and fit, but every day I'm afraid of the injury potential. I'm also a tall lady, and many of the residents I assist are very petite little ladies that I have to really bend over when helping them in and out of their wheelchairs to toilet them. At home I have a very profoundly disabled teenage boy that is total care, so I'm pretty much surrounded by situations that could permanently strain my back. Next week I am starting a new job working for a home health and hospice organization. At least then I will only work on one person at a time.
  4. by   Carolinathe3rd
    Forgot to mention that in the ADL book it says the patient is max lift. No pad was under him for max lift. Couldn't find anyone whom had put a pad for max lift under patient in wheel chair. Co-worker initially wanted me to lift him with him to be. I didn't think I could do it so suggested the sit to stand lift.