Ideas on getting my LPN?

  1. Hi Y'all. It Is Nice To Have An Encouraging Cna Forum Like This. I Have Been A Cna For Over 5 Years In Seattle. I Just Moved To South Carolina And I Intend To Join A Nursing School. Can You Give Me Ideas Of How To Go About Doing My Prerequisites For Lpn? Can These Be Done Online And Which Online School Do You Recommend? Thank You Guys.
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  3. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Unless the school itself requires seperate classes/training before taking LPN classes, the only pre-req for that you will probably have would be your pre-entrance exam, and a couple of other misc things. Youll take all that you need while going to school. If you want to knock a couple of classes out, intro to psych, A&P,(with lab), maybe even microbiology. Look into the school near you that OFFERS an LPN program, see what classes they require, and go from there. As far as online or not, depends on what you can do, or what are schedule is. And those can be transferred, but talk to both schools first.
  4. by   HULIYO
    Hi Nikko1999,

    Thanks for the reply. you guys are great at giving useful information. I am glad I came upon this forum while "window-shopping" for schools online.