How to start a new resume in nursing?

  1. Would anyone out there know or have any suggestions on how I should build my new résumé to have it geared more towards nursing? I will be done with my CNA course this May and will be looking for work immediately after. I don't have much background work in medicine. I've been a sales manager for 2 years and now work at a bank as a PB. I am however certified in adult/infant/toddler CPR/AED as well as first aid all through the American Heart Association.
    Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
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  3. by   jjic3982
    Well not sure what you have in mind but I think it is best to try making some connections between your jobs outside of the healthcare field with the CNA job description. If I was the employer your experience as a sales manager might make you a great leader, but also I would be concerned about how you do on taking orders since where I worked CNA's were supervised by LVN's and RN's. (Not making any judgements just what a employer might be thinking).

    All in all create your resume so it shows that you will make a great fit as a CNA. Whether it is the physical demands, time management (which I'm sure you have a lot of experience from your previous jobs), and people skills (in this case working well under supervision and also helping fellow CNA's as much as you can).

    I think the people skills and physical demands would be the two most important qualities I would look at as an employer for a CNA position.

    In my interview, my employer made it clear that she was looking for someone who will take orders from nurses with no attitude or who is willing to help other CNA's and get along with them as much as they can.

    Good luck on your interview and as long as you are a good person I think you will do great. I encourage you to search elsewhere if you land a job where teamwork is lacking or simply a place where people are reporting each other due to unreasonable, personal reasons.