How Long Until My Name Appears in the Registry?

  1. hi all,

    how long does it take for my name to appear in the registry after passing the examinations . . . is it the same wait as for the certification? is the certification a card or paper?
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  3. by   princess247cna
    It should take 2-3 days.
  4. by   MurrR
    It depends on your state, I didn't get a card or letter but they have a list of the BON's website of CNA, LPN, and RN licenses for my state. I just kept checking there to see if I was on it yet and one day I was, that's how I knew.
  5. by   Queen Tiye, CNA
    i checked this morning and my name and number is on the registry . . . bold and beautiful!

    it appeared five days after the exam. thank you lord:spin: