How long do I have to wait for CNA certificate/for name to show up in registry

  1. [FONT=Verdana, arial, serif]Hi I took my CNA Exam on February 3rd Saturday in sacramento california. I was wondering how long it took for your name to be in the California registry and or how long it took for you to receive your certificate from the state of California ? I know they say up to 6 weeks for the certificate but I was wondering if it took longer. I am asking for school and they need the expiration date so I can not provide just the temporary certificate or the glittery letter paper. Thank you so much. [/FONT]
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  3. by   LorraineC
    About 4 weeks is the norm if they aren't swamped. It took 4 weeks after my test to get the confirmation both over the phone and receive my certificate in the mail, although I had my passing results before I left the testing facility that day.
  4. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Thank you so much Lorraine!! Praying it arrives on time ! I got a little screwed because thisnmonth ends on the 28th and apps are due March 1!
  5. by   kmbxo
    Hi! I took my CNA exam in Fairfield actually and I think it took three weeks for it to show up on the registry. It will come eventually
  6. by   Caliiiiigirl
    Hi thank you I got mine in 3 weeks as well!!!
  7. by   Jennyjen01
    Did it take 3 weeks to show up in the registry online or 3 weeks to get the certificate in the mail?
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