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I love love my clients that I work for in their home...they have a number of kids all who of which are middle-aged and horrible...the family is very wealthy and none of their children have worked a... Read More

  1. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    omg I don't know if I could put up with that stuff. My clients family is back in town right now for the holidays. I basically just ignore them now. I do not cater to them but they do just leave their dishes wherever they please still...i just leave them there until my actual client starts cleaning up after them. Then I feel guilty and do it. But I am just trying to make a point.....its also like crazy weird to me why they want or need us girls here on the holidays when the kids are all here....its not like they need help bathing or need their butt wiped...they just need someone there to make sure dinner is heated up and that they are safe and take their meds....I got called in last night JUST as christmas dinner was being served at my house.... people are just cruel.. But their daughters are just LAZY