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  1. hey everyone. i had a question about school funding. i have literally no money right now, and would like to become a cna so i have a few more career options. i have heard that some nursing homes will pay for school, if you agree to work there, but i haven't found any programs. i live near chicago,il so i know that there is somewhere that offers this, and i'm missing it. does anyone have any ideas of how/where i should be looking specifically? i have also heard about certain gov programs that offer programs through adult learning centers? what is an adult learning center? i hate to sound like such a dork, but i've talked to ppl at the local township, 2 caseworkers for the county (dupage) and several other ppl that work for social service type of organizations, and none of them have any ideas. so does anyone here have ideas or at least know where i should be looking?
    thanks so much!
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  3. by   prettyindecent
    Some companies will actually train you themselves, I'd try searching within your area for nursing homes or whatnot that will train. I'm in NY but I'm currently waiting to hear from a nursing home as to whether or not they accepted me. Keep searching!