Help !! I Need Advice On A Decison Like Asap !

  1. OK Hi everyone ! I am a 23 year old CNA from Arkansas(ugh)LOL. But however, I have attended 2 different colleges attempting to get my RN but things happened in between, although I do definitely still have intentions on getting it.

    Right now, I work Home Health with a JCAHO accredited hospital here, and Its been great but I'm look for an upgrade, because this is not enough for me. I have worked as a CNA for 4 years and worked Home Health 2, I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade to medical assistant because of more skills.

    Thing is, some people are saying to me that its not worth it in the end, I wont get what I'm promised from the program. But I'm just eager to be in school right now while I work, and my plan was to wait until the next nursing session start because all are closed right now, so I really want to do this, but I keep getting negative flack, someone give me some of your opinions please. Thanks !
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  3. by   jb2u
    I went to MA school. First, I do think it is a lot of money to put out for the pay that you will receive. Second, I think because as an MA you work "office hours" it is harder to work and go to nursing school. As a cna, I am able to work nights, weekends, or even four hours here and there if I choose. I am also able to work PRN where I can set my own schedule! I could NEVER do that as an MA.

    That being said, I think you should do whatever YOU want to. It is your life! I also went to school for diesel mechanics. Everyone gave me flak about that, but so what it is MY life. I never think that learning a new skill or education itself is a waste.

    In addition to MA, I also have worked as a unit clerk and a cardiac monitor tech, both due to my MA education. Personally, I would suggest the unit clerk position. You will learn about diets, multi-tasking, procedures, and develop a skill at deciphering doctors' handwrighting. It will serve you well as an RN, and you can still work those nights and weekends. Of course, as I said, it is your choice. I wish you all the best with your decision.

    Good luck,
  4. by   theofficegirl
    The last poster is absolutely right - as an MA, you're trapped in "office hours".

    Like you, I enjoy the wider set of practical skills in a medical office, however, there is no way to go to nursing school, as those classes are held during the hours you're in the office. There really is no opportunity for advancement.

    IMHO, plunking down the money for MA school if you want to go to nursing school is a waste... especially since (depending on the state), you can perform the same clinical duties in a medical office with the CNA cert you already have. As a CNA, you have more job options - MA's can't work in hospitals.
  5. by   SoReady2BanRN
    Well thank you both for your opinions, I'm still accepting ! Actually, today, I went ahead and enrolled into the program. I just feel like even if I do get my Ma, I'm still gonna hve my CNA on hand, and I still should be able to work in hospitals with that alone, with nothing to do with MA, however, I do understand that there will be some hospitals that require u to have specialized licensed to do specific skills such as phlebotomy.

    I'm looking to exit geriatric care for a while, I'm young, 23, with no children, why not ? LPN nor RN is in session right now, and I want to be occupying getting further educated with something that has to do with assisting my future healthcare career until its time to enroll for them again. I have been out of college for 4 years, all of my classmates just finished getting their bachelors in something and I feel very behind, so therefore I don't want to continue sitting here in this small town where I am, and just work until its time to enroll in school during the fall, when I can go right now, and be finishing close to time .

    Yes, becoming an MA will mean having a career, but I desire multiple careers, so its not going to stop for me here. I will ge tmy RN degree very soon, but all I'm saying is, while I am working, I can be going to school, obtaining bigger and more skills that what I have, and be making more money while doing so.

    Thanks for comments, please continue !
  6. by   aerorunner80
    Have you thought about EMT/Paramedics? They work varying hours and you get a ton of exposure both in and out of the hospital. Also, as a Paramedic, you have a lot more responsibility which it sounds like you want. Check into it and see.