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I currently work full time I decided that I would like to leave my general labor job for this type of career... So I signed up for this two week (80hours) course at a nursing home its two weeks... Read More

  1. by   Richarda8770
    Well I came up with a stategy. I am going to keep my full time day job and work part time as a CNA for about maybe a year and then work full time as a CNA full time probably some where else looks like experience does pay off in this field. I was talking to several people that stoped in at my store and they said after 6 months to year experience I could be making up to $12 which is great then I can quite my current job which has me at $10.50. I knew people where going to tell me to re-evaluate my self I set my self up for that one... thats ok ... The cost of living where I am is thank fully cheap well compared to Cali any way well thats not a good example any where compared to Cali is cheap oh you get the point. You people are great thanks for all the feed back even the stuff that I didnt really want to hear was good to hear any way thanks so much:spin:
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    Another thing to consider is the opportunity to work extra hours, which is big in health care. Working in the field of nursing (from the bottom up) usually affords additional options to work second jobs, such as through agencies.