First CNA job interview. What should I expect?

  1. I have my very first CNA interview next week for the emergency department. Does anyone have any advice on how I should prepare and what to expect? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   JannyB
    Did it take a long time to get an interview and also how was your cna class I'm asking this because I start my cna class on the 23rd any advice or tips would be nice!!! congratulations hope you get the job

    -Janny B.
  4. by   ilovebama3687
    JannyB, I enjoyed my CNA class. Mine was Monday through Thursday from 8-3 and 7-3 when we did clinicals. It isn't complicated at all and you learn a lot. It took me almost a year to get an interview so I really hope I get this job! I have only been applying to the local hospitals around my town though. I have heard it is much easier to get a job with a nursing home, especially if you have no experience. I was told to include my cna class clinicals as work experience and list it as an internship. I also used my CNA instructor as a reference. Good luck with your class!
  5. by   JannyB
    That's my same schedule im going to tcc wow a year huh where I stay they have lots of openings also did you apply to jobs before or after you took your exam??

    -Janny B.
  6. by   ilovebama3687
    I applied after. Usually the application will ask you if you are state certified, and they will look it up on the system. They had numerous openings, but apparently the hr department just takes awhile at the hospital system I have been applying for. I would apply for nursing homes as well as hospitals!
  7. by   animal1953
    I just had my first interview for a position at my local hospital. The interview was mostly a get to know you and asked questions like what experience have you had and what made you decided to get into nursing. I was a little nervous but I know the hospital inside and out as my wife has been a patient there numerous times. Just listen to the question and give honest answers. One thing I stressed was not working outside my scope of practice with out my RN being there and observing. Good luck!!!
  8. by   ilovebama3687
    animal1953, thank you for the advice! I hope your interview went well and you get the job!