1. I am not a CNA (still waiting to get into a class) but have been doing in home care for five years. One of my clients was in a (residental)private home care setting and was passing on.She lingered for three day during which the hospice CNA wanted to bathe her. The owner of the home did not want her bathed and asked me "doesn't the hospital/or funeral home bathe her after death?".I was left ALONE with the patient(and the owners uninterested, hurring to work hubby) and let the cna in the room -. I called the owner who was forced to stop SHOPPING and come home. The owner helped the CNA but was peeved. The owner claimed it was unethical for me to let the CNA in to do her job because it was a private residence(even though the hubby actually opened the door and let her in ) and because the CNA only wanted to do it because she is paid by the bath..:angryfire The owner asked me to come back and work for her when she gets another client. I have been a home caregiver for 5 years all of my clients passed on and I have never encountered this "who cares she is gonna die anyway attitude".I am leery.. I'm hoping that I was witnessing a case of burnout on the owners part(she cared for the mentally ill, dying pt for 5yrs ).What do you think? Was I unethical by allowing the CNA into the clients room? We waited util the owner was present before the pt service began....
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  3. by   casi
    Why exactly did the owner not want this person bathed before or after death?

    I have had very limited interaction with the dying, but from what I understand things such as bathing are apart of comfort care. Keep 'em clean and dry and keep that skin from breaking down while they're alive and bedbound. One would also think that bathing after death would be a matter of respect. Also, I've been told that sometimes funeral homes wont pick up a body if they aren't cleaned.
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    The owner just did not want to take the time-she had a trip to get ready for and was under the impression that it was a waste of time(funeral homes bathe the body anyway). I have never had a pt NOT bathed before passing on. I thought it was odd....that is why I posted.I walked away from that assignment shaking my head and not feeling good about the attitude of the owner.I think I will not work for her any more.Thanks for helping me work that out. I will take my CNA class and try something else----but I love in home care even though all of my pt have passed on.