East Coast Medical Training

  1. Anyone heard of this place????

    They are a travelling center. Every week or so they're in different cities and they have a 3 day course which costs about a buck 80. From what I see on their website, they travel around the deep south.
    Has anyone attended this training or know someone who has? I don't live in any of the cities they're going to be in, but it might be worth it go if I can take my boards immediately after.
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  3. by   gymnut
    Be careful with this.

    I notice at the top it says PREP class. Two of our local community colleges offer prep classes and they are only a few days HOWEVER these classes were something of a pre-req to prepare you for the 150hr training course.

    I don't know what your current or prior health care experience is but if you don't have any then I would not consider this course. Just prepping for an exam and going over the clinicals in a few days is not going to give you the experience that enrolling in a full on 100+ hour course complete with clinicals in an actual health care setting.

    However if you have many years in the health care field as a home health aide or another job that's similar to a CNA and just want that license then go for it. Two women in my class have been HHA's for years and know everything but are simply taking the course for the CNA title.
  4. by   knottygirl
    Yeah that "prep" confused me also. Why does anyone need a prep class to a CNA class? And then the 180 thing got me too. I emailed them yesterday, and I haven't had a response back (asked them if I'd be eligible to sit for the boards), I guess I'll have to call them. I used to be a CNA and I was certified by the state board of the state I was living in at the time, but then I moved and my license lapsed because I swore I'd never be a CNA again after seeing what I saw. Anyhoo, I"m back again and I thought this would be a great way to get back in quickly. Hmm, I'll post back what I find out just in case someone else out there sees these guys and has questions.
  5. by   knottygirl
    Ok, well I just got off the phone with them and he said yes, you are able to sit for your boards after their course. However, because I live in GA, I'd have to take my boards in Florida or whatever other state they visit. He said Ga requires 75 hours, but Ga will allow a state transfer of certification.
    So that's cool. Not too bad to be certified in two states. I'm not sure how much it costs for boards in either state, but 180 for a CNA course isn't bad. Especially when private schools around here want 700 bucks!
  6. by   kevincma
    This is a company that would try to get someone the skills they need to sit in on the state CNA exam.

    During this class it is not about any continuing Education classes. Its about giving u the info to take your states exams.
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  7. by   Vonetta Williams
    East Coast Medical Training is definetly legit. I took a 2 day coarse with them in Wilmington, NC. They prep you for the state board exam. I passed the boards and im certified. Its been 2yrs and its time for me to recertify.
  8. by   Vonetta Williams
    Hi Kevin! My sister is interested in taking one of the classes. I need to know when u guys will be near robeson county. I took your 2 day class 2yrs ago in wilmington,nc and passed the state board exam. Please let me know where u guys will be. Thanks.