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Whoo! Today was my first day of clinicals as a CNA. I feel so drained and I came home so sad for the residents in the LTC Facility.:cry: I know what you learn in class and clinicals are completely... Read More

  1. by   thaoun
    I have been a CNA for 6+ years. I don't even remember my first day. All i know is that I am so comfortable doing my job on a daily basis. It can be emotionally and physically demanding! but really, the CNA's are the only ones who truly take care of the patients. They are the ones who make the differences! You will be a great nurse and you will learn to keep it cool and accept the way things are as a whole.
  2. by   thaoun
    I dream about being at work all the time! and somehow always running behind lol!
  3. by   nkara
    No ... Take a deep breath! It's not that bad. The first day is always hard.

    LTC facilities are actually harder work than hospitals.. at least that is what I found. I worked at a ltc facility first and took the night shift... twice nightly rounds on well over 20 patients each night.. all incontinent. I made the leap to a hospital where I started on an adult floor with anywhere from 13 - 25 patients a night and again constant incontinent patients.. but I also got to draw blood and perform vitals, ekg's and all sorts of cool stuff.. I am now over in a childrens hospital and LOVE it! I still perform blood draws and vitals... change the occasional incontinent patient but working with kids is soooooo much better.

    I'd say take a deep breath and just do what you can. It does become second nature and you will love the job at the end of the day because you helped someone who needed you. :urck: