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The job I was offered recently they just decided my shift will be weekend double shifts from 7 am to 11 pm. then one 3 pm to 11 pm a night during the week. Has anyone ever worked this, and how hard... Read More

  1. by   WiseMonk
    I work agency and I'm not RESTRICTED on how many hours I can work. Three doubles in a row and by the fourth one I am generally exhausted. I have six double shifts scheduled this month. Six hours of sleep is all you really need. Occasionally eight for your body... but ....I like to tortuse myself.

    Ps i mediatitate heavily during breaks. I am an indigenous soldier though so....

    It's all about you in terms of what your capable of doing, in contrast to how many hours you can tolerate. In this profession you have to know yourself. Physically, emotionally and of course spiritually.

    Learn to say no and of course challenge yourself but not to a breaking or burn out point.

    I'm only working this much because I want to give others Xmas gifts and of course i assessed it putting patient safety first before all else.
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